With the New Year approaching fast, many people are looking at giving themselves a new resolution for 2014. Many people strive to discipline themselves with the goal of losing weight, or keeping their bodies in shape. However, not everyone can afford the newest exercise bike, the most up-to-date weight set, or even a gym membership. Even with our crazy schedules we are hard pressed to find time to exercise.  Here are 4 easy ways for you to stay in shape without going to the gym or even leaving your office. You can remain slim and happy doing the following exercises with spending as little as 15 minutes a day.


The first one is a simple exercise that can be taken for granted.  A walk at a brisk pace once or twice a day can do wonders at eliminating body fat and getting your heart pumping.  In fact, a half hour of walking at a decent rate even overtakes an hour of walking on a treadmill, and it can be as simple as walking to a nearby location instead of driving, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  Combine this basic activity with your everyday routine to shed extra weight without taking too much time out of your day.

Jogging In Place

Perhaps it’s too cold to go outside, or too hot.  Maybe you need to stay in one area instead of roaming around on a walk.  Jogging in place can be a fantastic workout as well, in those cases.  Lifting your legs and swaying your arms while remaining in place can still give your body the exercise it requires, all while done in the warmth of your own home or office.  Get your heart pumping and your muscles stronger in your downtime with a quick jog.


Push-ups are a commonly used exercise in movies and TV shows, but you don’t have to be a body builder to perform them yourself.  In fact, in addition to dropping pounds and inches, push-ups also help to strengthen your shoulders, chest, and spinal column.  They are also done in a multitude of ways, from down on the ground to against the wall, push-ups are a fantastic way to build upper body strength and shed those unwanted holiday inches.


While stretching can be considered more of a warm up than an actual exercise, it’s a vital part of the process and does contribute to weight loss.  Stretching can get your muscles ready for a good run, or even just help to improve their strength.  They can even improve your metabolism or decrease muscle and joint pain.  Of course, there are many different kinds of yoga positions, each meant to help different types of muscles, but they can be done for a few moments or a half hour, depending on your needs.

Eating healthy will help in your weight loss goals, but exercise is important too.  Even without fancy machines or a gym membership, you can easily drop those unwanted love handles and really add to your energy with a few minutes of exercise whenever you can squeeze it in.