Winter is here and that means you’re probably covered in thick clothes. While some people may opt out of all the shaving, waxing, and plucking (we don’t judge), we’d actually consider winter the best season for hair removal. You might think that this is contrary to what you’ve been used to but we’re here to give you five reasons on why we think laser hair removal is perfect around this time of year.

1. Winter is the best time to prepare for summer.

Laser hair removal takes several sessions to permanently say goodbye to your unwanted hair on your face, legs, and underarm. The procedure works best when sessions are separated by a period of weeks. Some clients need up to 12 sessions to kill the roots and shed off the hair. While you are busy staying warm underneath layers of clothes, you can start your first session to reduce your hair growth. By the time summer arrives, you are done with the laser hair removal. You can show off your smooth skin and start wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts with confidence!

2. Laser hair removal is best on untanned skin.

Tanned skin requires more treatment sessions compared with untanned areas. Since it’s winter, you’re probably not sitting outside getting a tan. Laser hair removal during winter is a great time as it works best for your normal skin. You’re typically required to stop using peeling creams or tanning lotion prior to laser treatment anyways. This is because the chemicals may adversely affect your skin and cause serious side effects once the laser penetrates the deeper tissue layers.

3. Winter means less time outdoors.

Winter is the time to stay indoors. This means you can avoid sun exposure and its harmful UV rays before and after your laser hair removal during winter. Sun exposure is not recommended during laser hair removal. It can increase your chances of burns, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. With winter, you are most likely to stay indoors to avoid the cold.

4. Covering mild side effects is easier.

While laser hair removal poses few and rare side effects, swelling and slight redness are more common. If you ever encounter these, it is a lot easier to cover them up with your clothes during winter. No need to create stories on how you got the mild irritation. Laser hair removal during winter can hide your little secret and no one will ever know that you are actually undergoing sessions in preparation for the summer.

5. Winter allows the natural hair color to grow.

Laser hair removal works best on darker, natural hair because it targets the pigment. Sun exposure during the different seasons of the year could lead to sun bleaching of the hair. If you have darker hair, laser hair removal could work better during winter when you’re less likely to be out in the sun. It makes the procedure more effective and for many people, it means less treatment as more hair falls out with each session.

While winter is a time to cuddle up and be a couch potato, it’s also a great season for laser hair removal. Set up your appointment with our certified laser technician at Rocky Mountain Skin Clinic, Westminster, Colorado. There’s no better time to get laser hair removal than during winter. Once winter is over, you’ll already be prepared to show off the results.

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