By Cassidy Thompson

As natural makeup looks continue to gain popularity, showing off our natural beauty has become the name of the game. 

One of the best ways to showcase your effortless beauty is with long, natural eyelashes. While eyelash extensions have gained popularity, the hassle and cost are difficult to keep up with. Luckily, another solution has hit the markets, and shown great success: lash serums.  

In this article, we break down the two most popular lash serums: Latisse and GrandeLash MD. After reading this article, you will be educated and empowered to know which lash serum is perfect for you. 


Latisse, a prescription-strength lash serum, is one of the only lash serums that has gained full FDA approval. Ever since its introduction to the market, Latisse has become a household staple, since it’s shockingly dramatic results just cannot be beaten. 

Active Ingredients 

The active ingredient in Latisse is 0.03% bimatoprost. Your eyelashes naturally go through both growth and dormant cycles. Bimatoprost works to keep your eyelashes in their growth cycle, allowing your body to produce thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes. 


A 3ml bottle of Latisse, which equates to 30 days of continued applications, is $149. If you find that Latisse is working for you, Rocky Mountain Skincare Clinic offers a bulk, 3-month supply at the discounted rate of $330


When deciding between the two most popular lash serums, Latisse and GrandeLash MD, most people opted for GrandeLash since it is available over-the-counter. However, Rocky Mountain Skincare Clinic has made Latisse just as easy to source. Rather than visit with a skincare professional and pay for a consultation, you are able to fill out a questionnaire during your purchase of Latisse on the Rocky Mountain Skincare Clinic’s website. This questionnaire makes sure Latisse is safe for you, and then the product is shipped to your door. It’s that easy! 

GrandeLash MD  

GrandeLash MD is an easy-to-source, over-the-counter alternative to Latisse. Similar to Latisse, GrandeLash MD has become a household staple, especially among those who were unable to obtain a prescription for Latisse. 

Active Ingredients 

The active ingredient and star of the show in the GrandeLash MD lash serum is prostaglandin isopropyl cloprostenate, an ingredient that works similarly to bimatoprost in Latisse. 

Both active ingredients found in Latisse and GrandeLash MD are shown to be effective based on consumer reviews. However, Latisse’s active ingredient, bimatoprost, is a clinically proven active ingredient for increased lash thickness, darker color, and longer growth


A 3-month supply of GrandeLash MD is $65, and a 6-month supply is $120. 


GrandeLash MD is available over-the-counter, making it extremely easy to access. This has contributed significantly to its popularity since buyers are able to source this lash serum easily online. 

Which Lash Serum Should You Choose? 

Both Latisse and GrandeLash MD have proven themselves as staples in the lash serum industry. As noted before, both lash serums show clinically proven results of longer, thicker, and more eyelashes than without their serum. 

Based on our analysis, it is clear that Latisse is the proven safer, and clinically effective lash serum. While typically this lash serum is difficult to source due to needing a prescription, Rocky Mountain Skincare Clinic makes purchasing the lash serum easy, by filling out an online questionnaire

There are other lash serum products available on the market as well. You may want to compare other products with Latisse before purchasing. 

Still on the fence? Schedule a consultation with the skincare experts at Rocky Mountain Skincare Clinic to get a professional opinion on the best lash serum for you. 

Which lash serum will you be integrating into your skincare routine?