If you’re tired of clumps of mascara on your lashes or spending so much money trying to find the right mascara for you, it may be time to consider other options for your eyelashes. A safe and effective way to grow your lashes is with Latisse. But before going out and trying Latisse, it’s important to know a little bit about the product and what to expect when using it. 

To know about Latisse and what to expect when using it, continue reading. 

What is Latisse?

Before jumping in and trying a new product, it’s important to know what exactly it is that you’ll be using. So what exactly is Latisse? Latisse is a prescription serum that works by increasing the number of hair follicles produced in the growth stage of the hair follicle lifecycle. It is made by Allergan Aesthetics, and it is used for making your eyelashes thicker and longer. Latisse contains 0.03% bimatoprost solution, which helps to promote longer lashes after around 4 to 16 weeks of consistent use. 

Since Latisse is a cosmetic drug, it can’t be bought over the counter. In order to get Latisse, you have to have it prescribed to you by a healthcare provider. Meeting with your healthcare provider or dermatologist can also allow you to get advice and more information on Latisse before deciding if it’s right for you. Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic offers both one-month and three-month plans for Latisse.

What to expect when using Latisse

When using Latisse, there are some things that you should expect when using it. The first thing you’ll start to notice upon using Latisse is changes in eyelash length. This can start at around week 4 of using the product. 

As you continue to use Latisse, over time, you’ll start to notice your eyelashes becoming fuller and darker. This tends to start happening at around week 8. When you’ve reached week 8 of using Latisse, don’t stop just yet. Your lashes are still growing. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes may return to their normal length over the course of several weeks or several months. Most people experience the full effects of Latisse after 8 weeks. At week 12, your eyelashes will continue growing and getting thicker. Around week 16, your lashes should reach their potential with Latisse. At this point, you should speak with your doctor about continued use.

In one study, 137 people were put on the treatment to see if their lashes would grow longer and thicker over the course of 16 weeks. By week 16, 78% of the participants’ eyelashes were fuller, darker, and longer. 

What side effects to expect when using Latisse

As with all products, Latisse has some side effects to look out for while using it. Most of the side effects are very mild, but there are also some that could potentially be more serious. The most common mild side effect is eye itching or redness. These mild side effects only affect about 4% of users

Other mild, but less common side effects you can expect are skin darkening, eye irritation, eye dryness, or redness. The skin darkening tends to happen due to an increase in melanin around the areas where Latisse was applied. After stopping the treatment, you can expect the skin darkening to decrease over the course of several weeks to months. If, while using Latisse, you suddenly develop an infection or decreased visual acuity, speak with your doctor immediately to see if it is still safe for you to use Latisse. 

Consult your healthcare provider on other possible side effects associated with Latisse. 

Bottom line

Latisse is an FDA-approved eyelash treatment for achieving longer, thick lashes. But, like any drug, there are some things to keep in mind before using it. It is important to review the side effects of Latisse and what to expect while using it. It is also vital to know when to speak to a doctor if side effects worsen.

At Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic, we make sure you receive the best possible care. If you’re interested in Latisse treatments, you can reach out and speak with one of our qualified experts to see if Latisse is right for you. Let us help you obtain the eyelashes you’re looking for. Schedule a free consultation to find out how to achieve longer, thicker, beautiful lashes.