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Are you sick of shaving that bothersome neck and back hair?
We have a permanent solution to solve that problem for you!

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$49 for 15 minute hair treatment program.
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Lasers can safely treat any body part expect for around the brow and eye.

There is a small amount of sensation that can be described as a “pinch” or “zap” that is manageable with aids. Stress, caffeine, menstrual cycle, and pain tolerance can influence the discomfort.

As with any laser treatment, everyone will differ. On average, 6-8 treatments will be required for best results. We offer a 1 year package to help fully eliminate hair growth.

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How Does Time Work?

We have broken our treatment plans in to time segments that will fit your budget. We aim to deliver the best results for the pesky hair you want to remove. The times range from 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute time programs. This promotion is for the 15 minute program. Within industry standards we look to treat for 12 months for the best optimal reduction in hair growth but what sets us apart is we do not hold you to a contract. We require a 30 day notice to discontinue the program.

After a FREE consultation we can discuss what areas you are interested in having treated.

Hair Removal Process

Say Goodbye To Discomfort!

Hair Treatment at
Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic

No one likes having to deal with unsightly hair. With our proven hair removal method, specifically tailored towards men of all skin types, we help reduce and eliminate pain, discomfort, and irritations caused by unwanted hair. No more shaving, skin rashes, unsightly razor bumps, and painful ingrown hairs!

Save money on razors and hair care products and permanently remove frustrating neck and back hair. Our process is simple, fast, and effective. Convenient scheduling that fits your time, with treatments lasting only 15 or 30 minutes, and only once a month!

Limited time offer!

$49 for 15 minute hair treatment program.
Free Consultation. Sign up and save $120!

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