You may have come across the benefits of certain vitamins, and now, you may be wondering if Vitamin B12 is good for you. Well, the short answer is yes. Vitamin B12 essential vitamin is crucial for the normal functioning of the brain, blood cells, nerves, and many parts of the body. 

While we can find the vitamin in many food sources, it is very difficult to obtain the right amount of vitamin B12 because this could mean upping your intake of certain fish, dairy, or meat products on a daily basis. This would especially spell bad news for vegans and vegetarians. If you want to boost your health and get the maximum and purest form of the vitamin, B12 injections could be the answer you’re looking for. 

B12 Benefits

Brain power

Vitamin B12 plays a role in healthy brain and nerve functioning. In fact, studies have found that vitamin B12 may help slow mental decline and keep your brain in top shape. In one study, those taking a combination of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids experienced a reduction in brain atrophy. Vitamin B12 maximizes the power of the brain and thus, it is often used as a memory booster. 


Another benefit of Vitamin B12 is that it can improve energy levels. Increased energy may be more likely to be felt in those with a deficiency of vitamin B12. However, many people still consider supplementing with B12 because of its role in energy production. Several studies have shown that when individuals are deficient in vitamin B12, they get tired more easily and they lack the enthusiasm to perform daily activities. But, when they get a full dose of b12 shot benefits, they are able to counteract the effects of chronic and adrenal fatigue—two common health problems that we encounter in this fast-paced society. 

Heart-related problems

Vitamin B12 may also be good for the heart. Since heart disease is one of the top leading causes of death worldwide, it’s becoming more important to take care of the heart. Aside from using B12 for energy, people may be able to use vitamin B12 to decrease homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid that is associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Patients with pre-existing cardiovascular problems may be able to better control their condition with the help of vitamin B12. 

Healthy skin and hair

For those who want healthier hair and glowing skin, vitamin B12 can help. This essential vitamin plays an important role in cell production. Low vitamin B12 levels can contribute to poor hair health, brittle nails, and hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B12 may be able to help nourish the skin and promote the improvement of certain skin conditions. It can also help strengthen the individual hair fibers to avoid breakage. 

Nerve function

In people experiencing nerve problems from diabetes or other conditions, B12 shots may have some benefits. This is because vitamin B12 deficiency is common in these types of people. Vitamin B12 may help improve motor and sensory nerve functions. Research shows that diabetic patients who take regular supplements of B12 for energy not only experience lesser fatigue, but they also experience fewer symptoms of nerve damage

How much B12 do I need?

Since it’s often difficult for many people to get adequate vitamin B12 from their daily diet, the use of vitamin B12 shots may be warranted. Although injections are one of the most common ways to get vitamin B12, vitamin B12 also comes in tablet form, drops, and sprays. Therefore, there are some available options to get the right amount of vitamin B12 you need. 

The daily dosage of vitamin B12 varies depending on your age. It can range from 0.4 micrograms to 3 micrograms depending on your clinician’s recommendation. It is best to consult a healthcare provider before supplementing with vitamin B12. 

B12 shot side effects

Since vitamin B12 is a naturally occurring vitamin that you can get from different food sources, the use of vitamin B12 is generally safe even in large doses. But while B12 is good for you, there are individuals who may not get the most out of it. People with a history of alcoholism and heavy smoking may not absorb the vitamin very well. The same is true for people who take potassium supplements. 

Vitamin B12 should be avoided if you have an allergy to cobalt or cobalamin. It should also be administered under the guidance of a doctor if you are pregnant. 

If you have more questions about vitamin B12 and its benefits, you can contact Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic. Book a free consultation with a professional to see if vitamin B12 may benefit you and your goals.