If you notice that your eyelashes are not as long or full as you’d want them to be, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many women opt to use mascara or eyelash extensions to get longer, luscious eyelashes. However, these products can often contain chemicals like formaldehyde, which can increase irritation and inflammation. 

Instead of using mascara or resorting to false lashes, Latisse may be a more effective and longer lasting option to help you achieve the lashes that you’ve always dreamed of. 

What is Latisse?

Latisse serum for eyelash growth was originally produced as a drug to treat patients with glaucoma. During the treatment, however, doctors and even patients started noticing increased eyelash growth. After using the drug, many patients found that their eyelashes grew longer and thicker. In a randomized clinical trial, eyelash growth was the most common side effect of bimatoprost, the generic form of Latisse.

Latisse was FDA-approved in 2001 as a safe and proven way to have fuller eyelashes. Whereas Lumigan, the ophthalmic bimatoprost drop for glaucoma, is instilled in the eyes, Latisse is applied to the skin on the upper eyelid around the base of the eyelashes. 

How it works 

Latisse works by increasing the amount of hair follicles in the growth, or anagen, phase. Latisse not only stimulates more eyelash growth, but it also helps keep the hair follicles in the growth stage for much longer. This serum for eyelash growth uses bimatoprost as its active ingredient. It comes in a 0.03% solution that provides nourishment for the lashes so they can see accelerated growth.

Benefits of Latisse

  • Natural-looking lashes

The number one and most sought-after benefit of using Latisse is having natural and beautifully grown lashes. Forget about the feeling of unnatural, fake lashes and extensions. Most people have reported exceptional growth within 16 weeks of treatment. According to the pivotal clinical trial, those who used Latisse experienced a 12-fold greater increase in eyelash length compared to an inactive placebo-like drug. 

  • Cost-effective option

By applying the Latisse growth serum daily for a few weeks, you can finally say goodbye to excessive mascara, false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. You no longer have to buy expensive and cumbersome treatments anymore just to achieve the look that you desire. Since you’ve practically cut down the steps in your daily makeup routine, you’ll have more freedom and time.

Latisse for Eyebrows?

Some medical providers may also recommend Latisse for eyebrows based on the same principles. Although its not approved for this use yet, off-label Latisse can help boost eyebrow growth for many women. Check with a healthcare professional to see if you could also benefit from this use. For those who want fuller, more defined brows — in addition to lashes — this growth serum can be the perfect option.

Latisse Side Effects

Latisse serum for eyelash growth is proven to be effective. However, since this is a prescription medicine, you still need to consult with your healthcare provider before applying it. 

Side effects like itching and red eyes have been reported. These side effects are often mild and go away on their own. If you experience hypersensitivity to the ingredients of Latisse, you may be recommended to alter your treatment regimen. 

Bottom Line

Although Latisse is a prescription drug, there are now options to order this eyelash growth serum online with a consultation. This makes it easier to achieve fuller, longer, and darker lashes in the most convenient way possible. 

At Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic, we ensure that you’ll receive the best skin care possible. We also provide Latisse treatments after consulting with one of our qualified experts. Let us help you get the eyelashes you deserve. 

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