Buying Latisse must be on your mind since news of its effectiveness has widely spread. But finding an authorized seller is as important as setting aside money for it. You can’t buy Latisse from just any store. Similar to other products, there are many scammers selling fake Latisse. And no one wants to be victimized like that. 

To help you enjoy your money and get the most from Latisse, here are some tips on how and where to buy Latisse



With the advent of internet and online shopping, many consumers have chosen to buy Latisse online because it’s convenient. There are many websites selling cosmetic products like Latisse. Many of them offer discounts ranging from 20% to 80% off your purchases.  Some allow you to earn coupons, which you can use to take $10 off on your next bottle. 

Generally, a bottle of 5 ml Latisse can be around $179. This can last up to 2 months, depending on use. In some sources, they say that a 30-day supply can be around $120 to $140 which, if we break it down to a daily rate, would be around $4 per day. 

The cost of Latisse cost requires you to invest in it. Because of this, it’s very important to get the product from a legitimate source. It can be difficult to determine legitimacy if you are new to online shopping, so check website reviews.  Read the feedback of previous customers and, if possible, ask friends and family about it. 

When looking for where to buy Latisse, look for a physical address. If this information is missing, consider it suspicious and move on to the next store. You should also check for the key or padlock icon in the address bar. This means that any information you provide is secure. Legitimate online sites for Latisse should also look professional and be void of most pop-up ads. 

In person

If you feel more comfortable buying Latisse in-person, there are doctors selling the product from their clinics. You can subscribe to their email list and get information each time they have promotional offers. You can usually find a doctor offering some sort of deal. For example, the healthcare providers at Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic offer guidance and promotions for Latisse.

The nice thing about buying in person is that you get to consult with your healthcare provider. This is especially helpful if you have underlying medical conditions. Trained professionals like those at Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic can also demonstrate proper use of the medication, and you can easily ask questions. 

Physical stores 

Allergan Aesthetics is the authorized manufacturer of Latisse. The product contains 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. Since the product has been launched, it has already sold more than 4 million bottles. Allergan Aesthetics has distributed their products in various physical stores worldwide. You can find Latisse in the nearest cosmetic, health and wellness, or aesthetic clinic in your area. It’s safer to buy Latisse in a physical store and then have refills shipped if your provider allows for it. It’s also much easier to handle any problems you might encounter in person versus online. 

Tips when using Latisse

Since Latisse can cost you over a hundred dollars a month, we know  you’ll want to maximize its life as much as possible. Here are some tricks to extend its use. 

  1. Use only one drop. While the packaging tells you to use one drop for each eye, you can cut down on waste by using only one drop for both eyes. Remember that using more does not necessarily mean faster results. By using only one drop, many users have experienced adequate lash growth while prolonging the life of the bottle. 
  2. Use it every other night. This tip only applies to those who have been using Latisse for more than 3 months. Once you have achieved the full length and effect that you wish, you can skip a day or two. Users are able to happily maintain their thick lashes even without daily use. 

Is Latisse right for you?

Improving the appearance of your eyelashes can be an investment, but it is definitely worth it. Since you will be spending your hard-earned money, make an extra effort to find a reputable seller. If the price is too good to be true, it is probably a scam. Whether you purchase Latisse online or in-person, beware of much lower prices. The product could be expired, counterfeit, or diluted with water. While the packaging may look good, you may not know completely what you are applying to your eyes. 

With all these things to factor in, the bottom line is to find a legitimate seller where you can buy Latisse and take advantage of its full benefits. If you have more questions, you can consult with the experts at Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic who can help you decide if Latisse is right for you. You can also buy authentic Latisse online prescribed from your healthcare provider. Rocky Mountain Skin Care Clinic offers a 3-month Latisse package so you can maintain long-lasting eyelash growth.