Latisse has been recommended and successfully used time and again for fuller and longer eyelashes. It is FDA-approved to treat hypotrichosis, or inadequate growth of eyelashes, and it is often a number one choice for cosmetic purposes. Because of its hair growth properties, Latisse may sometimes even be considered an option by people with thinning hair on the scalp. But will Latisse work on the scalp? 

Latisse is not approved for hair growth on the scalp, although there may be some scientific and anecdotal evidence that suggests it may promote hair growth on the scalp. Read on and see if Latisse could be a potential option for hair loss.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment for hypotrichosis inadequate eyelashes. Since its introduction in the late 2000’s, many people have already seen benefits with the product. Latisse contains 0.03% bimatoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin originally marketed under the name Lumigan for patients with glaucoma. Lumigan is also used to treat high pressure in the eyes.

During the initial clinical trials for bimatoprost, researchers noted that eyelash growth was a common side effect from using the drug. This discovery gave way to the birth of Latisse. Today, Latisse is used to improve the growth of eyelashes. When applied once daily for 16 weeks, the product is proven to help people achieve longer and thicker eyelashes.

How does Latisse work?

While there is no exact mechanism in which Latisse works, Latisse is believed to work on the hair follicles during the follicle’s life cycle. The hair follicles are constantly going through different stages of development. Latisse stimulates hair follicles to be in the growth phase – that is, the formula stimulates hair cells to continuously divide in order to produce longer and fuller lashes. Apart from stimulating the growth phase, Latisse also provides nutrients to the hair follicle cells in the resting stage.

Results with Latisse can typically be observed 4 to 6 weeks after regular use. In order to experience lasting effects, it’s important to use the product daily. Otherwise, the effects can wear off. As a cosmetic medication, consistent use of Latisse helps enhance and thicken the eyelashes.

Will Latisse work on the scalp?

Whether Latisse will work on the scalp has been an increasingly popular question on the internet. 

Those with androgenetic alopecia, or male or female pattern baldness, have tried the product on their scalp. Anecdotal reports describe how Latisse is applied topically as a hair loss treatment. While it was able to grow some hair follicles, the result of using Latisse on the scalp was less promising than expected.

Experts explained that Latisse works on existing hair follicles. But if the follicles are no longer present, like in the case of severe baldness, the product cannot stimulate hair growth from nonexistent hair follicles. Remember that Latisse only works when follicles are present and fully functioning for producing hair. If the follicles have died out, there is no way that Latisse can make hair grow again.

When examined in a test tube, bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse, was found to increase the growth rate of scalp hair follicles. It was also found to promote the growth phase of scalp hair follicles. However, this effect was only observed in a controlled, test-tube environment and not on an actual scalp.  

Apart from the minimal effect on the scalp, the use of Latisse for baldness can be very expensive. A one month supply of the product when used on the eyelashes alone can cost up to $150, which can be cost-effective for eyelash growth since only a small amount is needed each day. However, if you use Latisse on the scalp, one bottle may not be enough to cover the entire head, and that means more product will be required.

Another possible disadvantage of using Latisse on the scalp is the fact that you have to consistently use the product to keep the results. Therefore, experts do not recommend the use of Latisse on the scalp. If you want to grow your hair and treat baldness, look for other options like hair transplantation surgery, FDA-approved medications like Rogaine or Propecia, or scalp micropigmentation. For example, hair transplantation may seem a little pricey at first but the effects are more permanent.

Where else do you use Latisse?

Apart from people asking will Latisse work on the scalp, there are also popular searches on whether Latisse works on eyebrows. Many instances show promising results. Individuals with thinning eyebrows due to age or some medical conditions have found that Latisse has promoted growth of their eyebrows. They apply the solution daily on the eyebrows and within 16 weeks, they may see thicker, fuller eyebrows.

What are the side effects of Latisse?

While the product is safe and effective, there are reported minimal side effects like itching, redness, and irritation. Darkening of the color of the iris has also been reported, especially among individuals with blue or green colored eyes. In general, side effects are usually temporary. However, pigment changes of the eye may be permanent for some people. In order to avoid such problems, always use the product as indicated and avoid directly applying the product to the eyes.

Bottom line

If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness and you are asking will Latisse work on scalp, the answer is technically yes. But while it can stimulate hair follicle growth, this option can be very expensive and time consuming. It may be better, instead, to opt for other solutions like hair transplantation surgery, scalp micropigmentation, or FDA-approved hair-loss medications for hair loss. Compared to other products, Latisse is approved and best used for promoting eyelash growth. 

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